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 Hand Woven Baskets
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Hand Woven Baskets

Please find our available hand woven baskets below.  Our resident basket weaver loves to weave lots of different baskets.  Hand woven baskets make wonderful gifts by themselves or with items stashed within the hand woven basket turning it into a unique gift basket.  Baskets range from a purely functional woven basket to a decorative basket that is an artistic expression.

If you see a basket that you like, but not in the colors you want, feel free to send us an e-mail and we'll see what our resident basket enthusiast can do to assist you.

WARNING!!! Each basket is hand woven and unique.  In the event that more than one person wishes to adopt a basket, the first person who places the order gets to adopt the basket.


These woven baskets incorporate an antler within them making them decorative baskets.


These decorative baskets include a lovely floral arrangement.


These woven baskets are designed to provide beauty in a functional basket.


These woven baskets have various designs and purposes.


These Nantucket baskets are made just like the Nantucket Lightship baskets woven on the Nantucket Lightships in the late 1850s.


These woven baskets help organize and express personality on ones desk.


These woven baskets provide help in corralling all of those trinkets that need organizing in a wonderful, functional basket.


These decorative baskets are designed to hold beautiful items.


These woven baskets are designed to hold anywhere from one to three wine bottles or anything else you wish to put in.


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